Amber – the Baltic Gold

Amber – the Baltic Gold 1



The Baltic Gold, as amber is often referred to, is a natural wonder that recently has been enjoying ever- growing popularity. This gemstone is not only held dear by many cultures for its decorative purposes but also, due to its fascinating past, sparks the imagination of the scientific world (and we’re not talking about Jurassic Park 😉). But what exactly is amber and where does it come from?

The origins

In simple terms, amber is a fossilised tree resin and can be dated back to the Eocene period (around 45 million years ago) when a primeval amber forest flourished on the territory of today’s Scandinavia. Over millions of years, the resin that has been oozing from these trees has been covered by sediment and subjected to high pressure caused by rock movement and glaciers, where it has undergone various physical and chemical processes, resulting in the creation of amber. In its natural form, this orangey stone is rock-like and usually opaque in colour. It’s also worth remembering, that the Baltic Gold contains the highest level of succinic acid, thus becoming the most valued form of amber.


Baltic amber is generally sourced in two distinct ways. After having been torn from the bottom of the sea and washed up onto the shore of the Baltic coast, it can then be harvested from the beaches by hand. Alternatively, it can be mined from surface mines.

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Amber – the Baltic Gold 2