Jazzing up your autumn outfits with amber jewellery

Jazzing up your autumn outfits with amber jewellery

Jazzing up your autumn outfits with amber jewellery

Everyone knows that no outfit is complete without matching jewellery. Looking for a way to upgrade your style in the upcoming season?

Here are some fantastic ideas for jazzing up your everyday attire and ensuring that it will never look dull!

Casually stylish

Amber jewellery is always on-trend, primarily due to its stunning colours and versatility which allow it to fit perfectly to any style and occasion.

Simple studs and delicate drop earrings are great classic go-to pieces that will bring a stylish, yet practical, finishing touch to your everyday outfit and formal workwear.

It’s almost a tradition that florals are most common during summertime, whereas the checkered print is an inseparable part of autumn fashion. In 2020, plaids and tartans are still exquisite trends on top designer runways (Vivienne Westwood, Givenchy, or Chloe).

Can’t wait to put on your high boots, favourite long coat and blanket scarf? Add a bit of luxury to this set and pair it with long earrings or a statement ring with milky or cognac amber.

Evening elegance

When searching for the perfect outfit option for an elegant soirée coming up this autumn, don’t forget about matching accessories. By pairing a simple, yet classic, dress in a neutral shade with a rich, luxurious necklace that captures the beauty of falling leaves or a green amber pendant in a golden setting, you can achieve a sophisticated style that is sure to be noticed.

Nature vibes

Early autumn will be a combination of soft, knitted cardigans and flower dresses (Erdem). These styles are a perfect base to showcase your autumn amber jewellery. Colourful, intricate pieces, like silver earrings inspired by tree branches, will be a great option highlighting the transition between the two seasons and a splendid detail for nature lovers. Married with a matching bracelet, it will give your outfit a much-desired sparkle.

Woollen, cashmere, and knitted sweaters had to be present in 2020/2021 fashion. This season, we pair our beloved, chunky sweaters not with jeans, but with paperbag or palazzo trousers (Isabel Marant). Feels too simple? You can achieve a chic look by simply adding a pop of colour to them – a cuff bracelet with genuine cognac amber, or a Tree of Life necklace adorned with amber stones in three stunning hues.

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Focus on individuality

Incorporating amber jewellery into your daily look has never been easier. Whether you’re a necklace, earrings, or ring-stack kind of person, with such a wide variety of designs and amber hues to choose from, you can always find something special that not only will be a great addition to any outfit but will also allow you to express your individuality.

If you’re thinking about buying amber jewellery and have any questions or doubts, please feel free to contacts us! At Amber Room, we are proud to offer you unique hand-made jewellery adorned with only the finest and oldest Baltic amber. We will be more than happy to assist you in getting this marvellous stone and enriching your life with a splendid piece of history.

Jazzing up your autumn outfits with amber jewellery 1