Celine gold-plated earrings with cognac amber

550.00 kr

Illuminate your look with the radiance of the Celine earrings. The Celine earrings are our classics. They feature a unique shape of amber stone and are crafted from gold-plated sterling silver. The Celine earrings will emphasize your femininity and bring a touch of luxury to your looks. Whether you’re dressing up for a day or a night out , the Celine earrings have your back. 

Your order will be packed in an elegant gift wrap.


  • gold-plated sterling silver with cognac amber
  • nickel free
  • length: ~34mm/~1,33 inches
  • width: ~11mm/~0,43 inches
  • hand-made

Please note that due to differences in monitor settings and the unique nature of amber, the appearance of the actual product may slightly differ from the pictures presented on the website.


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