Michelle earrings with amber

1,700.00 kr incl. tax

If you’re looking for something eye-catching, the Michelle earrings are an absolute gem. Their unconventional design and bold, chunky style set them apart from the ordinary. These statement earrings feature three different hues of amber stones: cognac, vibrant yellow, and deep green, all elegantly showcased in oversized, round dangles.

To elevate their allure even further, we’ve adorned these stunning earrings with two small, glistening crystals that catch the light beautifully. Make a statement with the Michelle earrings – the perfect blend of unique design, chunky elegance, and a touch of sparkle. Discover a fresh take on style with these extraordinary earrings.


  • gold-plated sterling silver with Baltic amber
  • nickel free
  • earrings diameter: 35 mm

Please note that due to differences in monitor settings and the unique nature of amber, the appearance of the actual product may slightly differ from the pictures presented on the website.


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