Chloe silver necklace with cognac amber

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889.00 kr incl. tax

This classy and timeless Chloe necklace highlights the purity of amber. The center stage takes a round amber stone. The combination of silver and cognac amber adds a touch of subtle luxury to your looks. This necklace was hand-finished by our skilled craftsmen from sterling silver and genuine cognac amber. Pair it with our Chloe earrings or Chloe ring for a complete look. Perfect as a gift for your loved one or as a treat to yourself. 


  • sterling silver with cognac Baltic amber
  • nickel free
  • amber diameter: 10mm
  • hand-made

Please note that due to differences in monitor settings and the unique nature of amber, the appearance of the actual product may slightly differ from the pictures presented on the website.


1 review for Chloe silver necklace with cognac amber

  1. Maria Cristina Contreras Sáez

    Fine and delicate!

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