Chloe gold ring with cherry amber

998.00 kr

The Chloe ring is a timeless piece that beautifully showcases the purity of amber. At its center stage, this ring features a round cherry amber stone, drawing attention to its natural beauty. The ring is made of gold-plated sterling silver, and we believe that gold looks gorgeous with cherry amber. Every detail of this ring has been carefully hand-finished.

Wear the Chloe ring solo or pair it with other matching jewelry pieces. Elevate your style with this classy and timeless accessory that celebrates the history and deep significance of Baltic amber stone.


  • gold-plated sterling silver with genuine Baltic amber
  • nickel free
  • amber diameter: 10mm
  • hand-made

Please note that due to differences in monitor settings and the unique nature of amber, the appearance of the actual product may slightly differ from the pictures presented on the website.